Born and raised in Germany, Anita has developed a rather atypical curriculum. Following an apprenticeship as a physician’s assistant in Germany, she left her home country in her early 20s to explore North America. Working in a variety of small organizations in Montreal, Canada, she also pursued art and language studies there.
Upon return from Canada, she met her future husband with whom she moved to Washington D.C., where she worked as a translator with the International Monetary Fund for 5 years. She then accompanied her husband, a US diplomat, to Poland and Tunisia where she primarily dedicated herself to the raising of their 3 children.

When her husband was assigned to Brussels to work at NATO, she embarked on a career as project manager at Medtronic, a US medical device company. When Medtronic closed its doors in Brussels, she decided to pursue a life-long dream to be trained in personal and organizational development approaches.

While following the Root, Grow, Bloom and Team Coaching trainings at the Coaching Square she also stumbled upon Appreciative Inquiry and SALT*, two methods that seek to identify and build on existing strengths of individuals and organizations to stimulate growth and engagement. She has since become a trainer of the SALT method, as she feels that it not only is the one of the most empowering, but also a superbly human approach to foster collaboration and the thriving of individuals and organizations.

Inspired by Frederic Laloux’s book, Reinventing Organizations. Creating Organizations for the Next Stage of Human Consciousness, she has been hosting a Meetup group with the same title for nearly two years.
*More information available upon request