AHRMIO Training Event for Mid-level HR Practitioners

“Change or Be Changed – Shift Happens”

This training program has been designed in collaboration with the University of Richmond, USA
(exact training facilities TBC)

Course description
This course is focused on the principles and methods of change from both a personal and organizational perspective. Through a mix of examples, tools, processes, interactive exercises, participants will learn how to influence and implement personal and organizational change. Participants will learn to identify the advantages and disadvantages of change scenarios, and strategies to achieve the adoption of new behaviors. Change Management theory is discussed and translated for practical application.

This program will introduce several relevant influencing concepts as prelude to the concept of implementing change. We will use academic articles and short case studies to generate open class discussions and small group exercises. There will be some short lectures built into the class to provide perspective, definition, and process. With these lectures, there will be ample opportunity for questions, comments, and shared experiences. Further, regarding implementing change, participants will be engaged in planning and execution scenarios, and asked to articulate challenges they have had/are having regarding change so that their classmates and the instructor can suggest alternative approaches.

Roxanne M. Brown – Session Facilitator

Roxanne Brown has 15 years of change experience with Capital One, focused on leader and team transformation coaching, large-scale organizational change initiatives, culture strategy, communications, and training.

Roxanne established Capital One’s Change Leadership Community of Practice, helped implement the first change management practices for the organization, and set the current program change management methodology and tools. She teaches change management courses, leads discussion groups on the subject, and mentors practitioners.

Her specialty is in creating high-performing teams through engaging the unique abilities of leaders and team members.

Roxanne received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, with a focus in Leadership Studies, from the University of Richmond. She has several advanced certifications, and is currently a board member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP).

Fee per person is 1245 €

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